Our Chihuahua Puppies For Sale

Starter Gift Kit is Included in Price


Males make equally nice pets as females.  If males are neutered by 12 months before they learn to lift their leg, they will continue to squat like a female the rest of their lives.

Micro Teacup:1 to 3 lbs, Tiny teacup:3 to 4 lbs, Teacup:4 to 5 lbs, Tiny toy:5 to 6 lbs, Toy 6 lbs & up. (Deposits will not be refunded)  Puppies must be picked up or shipped within 10 days of being notified that the puppy is ready to go home.  If not a boarding charge of $10 per day must be paid until the puppy leaves.  If the puppy has not gone home within 30 days from the time the owner was notified the puppy will consider to be an  abandoned sale and will again be advertised for sale.  Monies received will not be refunded in these circumstances..

Deer Head Chihuahua versus Apple Head Chihuahua Click Here

Jackpot sold

Male $2,900
Born on 9 June 2020
Mother Chloe, Father Trenton
Milk Chocolate & white, light eyes
weighs 4.4 oz. on 28 June 2020

Cherise – sold

Female $2,500
Born on 9 June 2020
Mother Chloe, Father Trenton
Milk Chocolate and white, light eyes
weighs 1 lb on 28 June 2020

Freckles sold

Male $2,400
Born on 9 June 2020
Mother Chloe, Father Trenton
White with milk Chocolate spots
weighs 1lb 8 oz on 12 July 2020

Haley . Deposit received

Female $2,950
Born on 20 May 2020
Mom Betty, dad Treasure
Brindle and white
weighs 6.5 oz. on 22 June, charting to be less then 2 lbs.

Pebbles sold

female $2,900
born on 23 May 2020
Mother Sandy, father Donny
Red and white long hair
WEIGHS 1 lb, 10 oz. on 23 June 2020

Kirk sold

Male $2,900
Born on 2 May 2020
Mom Kaycee Lee, Dad Rhett
Blue tri color,
weighs 1 lb 3 oz. on 26 May 2020

Desi deposit received

Female $2,900
Born on 17 April 2020
Mom Deanna, Dad Archie
weighs 12.4 oz. on 26 May 2020

Twinkle deposit Linda

Female $2,950
born on 19 March 2020
Mother Bittsy, Dad Treasure
Sable fawn
weighs 11.7 oz. on 23 May 2020

Cuddler Long Hair ready now

Male $2,500
Born in 2 Oct, 2019
Mother Lola, Father Archie
Long Hair red with white
weighs 4.7 lbs on 13 May.2020