Adult Males, stud services not offered. Priced dogs for sale.

Charles – on hold

Charles weighs 4 lbs, 9 oz, He was born on 14 April 2009 in Merrickville, Ont. Canada.  He is pure bred, Tan and White with an Applehead and short nose. He has long thin legs like a little greyhound and is really quick. He is Sunsets Chihuahuas main stud.  He is father to many pups.  All the ladies love him.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse weighs 3 lbs 6 oz. He was born on Oct 1, 2009 in the  USA.  He is chocolate and Tan. He has a small apple head with a bit longer nose. He loves the ladies and loves to be outdoors.  He is a compact loving little man.

Pascal – $500

Pascal is a nice looking white with fawn short coat male.  He is a timid little man weighing 5 lbs 10 oz.

He is available to a mature family as he will take some time to adjust.  He was born on 21 Dec. 2014.

He has not been neutered and has fathered a litter of puppies. His Father is Rhett and his mom is Pixie.


Dante is a darling little man born on 15 Oct. 2010
He is a little fawn and white applehead.  He loves cuddles and the ladies.
He weighs just 4 lbs 1 oz.


Zachery is a little sweety. He is a light fawn and white long haired puppy
born here at Sunsets Chihuahuas on 27 Feb. 2012. He has a sweet little applehead and short nose with dark markings on his face. Mother is Sabrina, Father is Ben.
He now weighs 6 lbs.


Maurice  is a cute  little man born on 29 Feb. 2012.
He is a short nosed ,long legged apple head.  White with Red spots.  His father is Ben and his Mother is Bambi
He weighs just 3 lbs 8 oz.


Rhett is a shy little guy.. He is a Red and white long haired puppy
born here at Sunsets Chihuahuas on 10 Feb. 2013. He has a  little applehead and short nose with light eyes.His Father is Ben, his mother is Lily.
He now weighs 5lbs. 14 oz.