Sunset Aviaries

Wholesale Parrot Breeder in Ontario, Canada CLOSED INDEFINITELY DUE TO FLOODS


We Specialize in Sun Conures & African Grey Congo Parrots

Sweet Congo African Grey babies for sale
$2,000 when fully weaned. sold out
Sunset Aviaries will ship anywhere in Canada.

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Baby Sun Conures for sale
$750 each fully weaned. SOLD OUT
Sunset Aviaries will ship anywhere in Canada.

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Scarlet Macaw babies for sale
$3,000 each fully weaned. SOLD OUT
Sunset Aviaries will ship anywhere in Canada.

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Welcome to Sunset Aviaries established in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1982. Sunset Aviaries specializes in Exotic Bird Breeding for African Grey Congo Parrots and Sun Conures. Sunset Aviaries has an A plus rating with the Ottawa Better Business Bureau. We do ship to most major airports in Canada.

My name is Shirley Usher, I am a Canadian Parrot Breeder and take great pride in bringing up healthy, happy and well adjusted baby parrots. My parrots are part of my family. They are not housed in outdoor buildings but inside my home so that they are familiar with all the household sights and sounds and human voices. They also are used to hearing my Chihuahuas bark and some imitate the dogs barking, phone ringing and me answering the door or phone while greeting customers. My birds are fed a healthy diet of Zupreem natural colored pellets, a bit of seed, nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables.

My parrot babies are parent reared for the first 10 days to give them a good start in life. Then I take them to hand feed and hand tame. They are all DNA sexed so that you will know if your parrot baby is a little girl or a little boy. They will go home with a DNA sex certificate, a hatch certificate, and a sales contract with a health guarantee. My parrots are regularly checked by a vet that comes to my home on a regular basis to ensure their good health.
I sell my parrot babies at a fixed price which is fair market value and much cheaper than most pet stores. All my customers pay the same price for the same type of parrot. I do not negotiate prices so do not request a price reduction. I do offer lifetime support for my Congo African Grey and Sun Conure babies. I have experience with many types of parrots but have recently reduced my flock to my two favorites and the best family pets Sun Conures and African Grey Congos. I accept e-mail money transfers as payment or by deposit directly into my bank account or cash if you are able to visit. I will take a deposit and hold a baby for you until it is ready to go home.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information:

phone 613-832-2689